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potato cheddar perogies served with caramelized onions, bacon bits & sour cream 

Cabbage Rolls


made fresh 



Assorted pop, juice & water 

if your food will be enjoyed right away it will be delivered in insulated boxes & disposable foil container. should you wish to enjoy your food at a later time, chafing dishes are available. cost will vary depending on the size of your order. a $20 delivery charge will be added to your bill along with an 18% gratuity charge.

Roast Turkey

a combination of juice & seasoned white & dark meat

Cranberry Stuffing

a traditional side for your Christmas dinner, with a festive twist

Honey Glazed Ham

glistening, moist & roasted to perfection

Mashed Potatoes

buttery & creamy with a hint of garlic

Buttered Peas & Carrots

lightly seasoned tender peas& crispy carrots

Caesar Salad

a light accompaniment to your meal

Pan Gravy 

deliciously made from the pan drippings from the turkey


baked Fresh

Eggnog Cheesecake

the perfect finish to your holiday feast, creamy & lightly spiced

Christmas Dinner

12 Person Minimum


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